Among commercial printers, there’s reasonable parity in technologies, equipment and capabilities. Where Focus 33 stands on stilts, is in our professionalism, commitment and customer service.

For better than three decades, we’ve been redefining the meaning of “service.” We believe that our value extends far beyond a good price and a sensible timeline—to a far better experience. In the simplest terms, your F33 experience will be fully informed, completely unblemished and pleasantly accomplished. Our “Why” can easily be substituted with, “Who,” to which the answer is always, You.


We’ve identified seven specific elements of world-class printer service. We can confidently say that Focus 33 stands alone in delivering on all seven.

Our process is 100% designed to accommodate you and your specific needs. We have a proven and praise-worthy way of doing things, while displaying the most nimble flexibility. Seven promises we never break:

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1. Answers & Actions:

When the phone rings or the email pings, your printer should be picking up and clicking off a response ASAP. It’s not just about being zippity-quick, it’s about being whip-fast with the smartest resources.
Just call. Just ask. Just expect us to take care of it. “Am I using the right materials and process with ample time allotted? Is this the best way to accomplish my goals? What about options? Can we just talk?” When you have questions, thoughts, ideas, worries or midnight ruminations, just call
and we’ll provide F33 rapid response resourcefulness.

2. How Much How Soon

Your printer should provide the facts and figures quickly and accurately. How about, estimates delivered within hours of request? You’ve got lists and they need crushing. We create precise estimates on cost and timing pronto and promptly. You get the vitals to the vital stakeholders and you get this task off your plate, desk and mind.

3. Status Whoa

You should never feel in the dark, in a grey area, or in an intel blackout from your printer. Your daily news feed straight from a trusted source. Each morning (8:30 AM!) you’ll receive a custom Focus 33 Status Report, so you’re fully informed, completely in the loop and put at ease. You’ll see key dates, like art and proofs received, and approval dates. No chasing, no leaving messages, and no worries about the crew at Focus 33.

4. The Proof

The best printers prove it every day. Is your printer presenting initial proofs in a speedy, professional manner? This is a critical link in the process chain that deserves your printer’s full attention.
See for yourself in 24 rapid hours. Our proofs are detailed and highly accurate. Give it your best squinty-eyed scrutiny, give it your enthusiastic approval and give it to us to make it happen.

5. Delivered & Tracked

It’s 4:52 pm and you’re hungry. Do you know where your completed printing order is? No guessing, no fretting, no watching the horizon for your order to appear. How does your printer deliver?
All of our impeccable service and craftsmanship is wasted if the goods don’t arrive when and where they’re promised. We do that every time— track it with an email alert, count on it, don’t think twice about it—it’ll be there. And, if it’s a local delivery, it’s FREE, and will be there before high noon.

6. Ample Samples

If that printer of yours isn’t presenting you with packaged and plentiful samples—perhaps they aren’t so proud of their work. Samples should not be an afterthought.
When the big boxes of goodness arrive so do the small packages of project samples. Share them, store them, show them off and consider them our calling card for future work.

7. Refreshingly Dull Invoices

The invoice you receive from your printer should not contain, previously unmentioned, nickel, dime and dollar charges. Do the discussions about the job match the dollars requested for the job?
Our invoices are extremely boring—they arrive punctually, they’re concise and they contain absolutely no surprises. So unexciting. Period.



I really appreciate that Focus 33 not only cares about me as a customer, but also as a person. I’m treated more like a friend, or family member, than an account. This compassion extends to the entire Focus 33 family. I recently took a tour of the facility. Employees are genuinely happy to work there, and care about the work they’re doing. They want you to be happy with your product and will take the extra time to ensure that you are. Great things happen when the upper management genuinely cares about the well-being of their employees and customers. Nowhere is that more apparent than at Focus 33.

— Catie C.,

We consider it done when awarding Focus 33 our book and card deck printing. After many years, they continue to exceed expectations with quality, delivery, pricing, and strategies to grow our business. Focus 33 is a printing partner we couldn’t be without.

— Linda J.,

Working with Focus 33 is a breeze. They handle even the simplest of projects with a smile and attention to detail. Always service that is unmatched.

— Kris O.,

Focus 33 continues to win our business. Beyond their high quality print, their customer service keeps us coming back. They stand behind their work 100% of the time. If there is ever a problem, they fix it. In a world that revolves around profits, it’s unique to find a company that refuses to cut corners. We presented Focus 33 with a large printing project with numerous versions going to different locations all over the country. Within a few days, they had a strict process and checkpoints in place to meet these high demands with QC points all the way through production. We look forward to our next project with them.

— Chris F.,

The gang at Focus 33 is always there for me. No matter what the ask. Time and time again they have come through in a pinch. They are super responsive, easy to work with, and so lovely!

— Tivi H.,
JT Mega

We had an unusually small job for a big-name client. The finishing did not look right to F33, they reached out and provided smart options to achieve what our client was looking for. We very much appreciated the attention to detail, especially on such a small job. F33 is always willing to take on challenging projects, and their pricing is consistently competitive.

— Diane A.,

Focus 33 is our trusted partner for printing and mail house jobs. Their customer service is first-rate, their knowledge is invaluable, and they deliver on their promises. You couldn’t ask for more when you have an important project to complete.

— Carole A.,

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