Frequently Asked Questions at Focus 33

What’s the difference between offset and digital printing?

The difference is in one aspect, very technical, which in the end, is not that interesting. The real difference between offset and digital printing is in its application. Offset printing is used for higher quality and high quantity projects and is more cost effective for those uses. Digital printing shines for smaller quantities and customized projects that can be made variable down to the individual piece. NOTE: Variable printing is proven to drive increased response and return.

Now, if you’d still like to talk offset v digital technical comparison—we’re all in. Just give us a call.  

What do I do if I just need a small job printed?

Just call us. We can get you a quick price, or if it’s not a fit for us, we’ll tell you and give you alternatives. With our digital capabilities, no job is too small. 

What does Focus 33 mean?

Focus came to me in the middle of the night as I thought of starting another printing company, a company that was “focused” on service. I believe that service is the differentiator these days and the word Focus stuck in my head.

The “33” now that is a whole another story. “Focus” by itself,  looked pretty lonely, so I added to it.  Much like the “33” that is still printed on every bottle of Rolling Rock beer there is much speculation as to what it signifies—could be it is brewed at 33 degrees, could be the 33 words that form the original quality pledge— it is a mystery. What does it mean to you? Cheers, Chris

Can we print with my own paper?

Yes, you can print with your own paper, but we do not recommend it. It will be a hassle for you and comes with liability too. It will take lots of extra time to determine what size paper we will need and will be different for every job. This creates considerable added work on your part. There is also liability that you assume by supplying the paper, if it does not get here on time, or if there are issues with the paper that cost the press time, you could be liable for the hours, or at the least your job will be delayed. Schedules are tight and if the paper is not here to run your job then you miss your window and have to go to the back of the line.

Can I apply for a job even if you’re not hiring?

Yes, please apply and contact us. We may or may not be hiring right now but we want to get to know you. Focus 33 is growing, so if we know you’re out there, we can call you when a spot opens up. Get to know us and allow us to get to know you.

Is there anything you can’t print at Focus 33?

Almost, none. We are here to be a resource for you.  There are not many things we can’t print here, however there are things that we cannot print economically because certain segments of the print market have specific types of equipment that allow for particular materials to be produced more effectively. But again, we are a resource—we will guide you honestly, and if your request is something that we can’t do effectively, based on product, quantity, size, etc, we will tell you and give you an alternative.

Can I get a sample before we get started?

We can provide samples of other printed projects that might be similar, or other projects that might use a treatment that you’re interested in. Or, we can produce a mock-up for you on our digital press that will get will a close representation of the project, depending on what it is. Projects that require dies and other hard cost items are not  created unless the client wants to pay for them.

Do you do Drop Shipping?

Yes, we can drop ship any and all orders, and provide you the delivery tracking numbers.

Is there actually ink in your veins?

To be more precise: The specific compound of ink has not been discovered in our vascular systems. But, testing has proven that we all possess the dedicated characteristics of ink-based professionals with a deep passion and respect for the art and science of printing. (A recent exam did show trace elements of ink resins and carbon in Chris’ plasma.)

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