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30+ Years Immersed In Ink


At Focus 33, we are at your service. No amount of sophisticated machinery or advanced technology can replace the confidence of authentic human experiences. We are the folks in your corner and on your side.


The mission at Focus 33 is to be astoundingly resourceful, freakishly responsive and undeniably expert at all we do. By completing this daily mission, we keep you blissfully free of all nonsense and nuisance. You simply remain focused on an all-pro, hassle-free and successful outcome.



Our people are empowered and inspired to step up to every challenge, and raise the bar to standards you might find astounding. Here are a few of those relentlessly caring faces working for you.

Chris Clemens

CEO and President

Chris Clemens is all about building things. Building ideas into realities, and building up the people he serves. Speaking of which, service reigns supreme at Focus 33. When Chris considers the importance of service in his business, he first considers how to best serve his employees. This is a vital difference at Focus 33—a family-like environment that encourages exploration, effort and innovation. Chris lives his faith by working with authenticity, compassion and generosity. 

Mr. Clemens has been in the ink and paper business for nearly three decades. 30 years packed with thousands of trusting clients and unlimited opportunities to serve. 

  • Uniquely Chris: If not for Focus 33… a tarpon fishing guide.
  • Meaningful quote: “There is nothing that cannot happen today” – Samuel Clemens (possible relation…?)

Brian Bredenberg

Sales Executive

Brian Bredenberg is our renowned F33 Sales Boss. Like any great salesperson, Brian is persuasive and articulate and persistent. Unlike any great salesperson, Brian uses those refined attributes for customer-service good, rather than sales-pressure evil. Brian came aboard in 2019, he’s helped us weather the storm of worldwide chaos, and continues to be a rock for our clients and internal team. Brian thrives on the variety of ways he can impact each project and deliver stellar results to our clients. We’re sold on Brian’s heads-up creativity and his unquestionable integrity. Mr. Bredenberg “sells” by doing right and by being authentically passionate about making our customers happy. 

  • Uniquely Brian: Perhaps not so unique, as he and Chris share the backup career dream of tarpon fishing guides. 
  • How to influence Brian: Apple fritter.

Chris Dahl

Sales Executive

Chris Dahl is a lot of things one typically doesn’t immediately associate with being a Sales Executive or “salesman.” For starters, we quote, “Printing is a magnificent manufacturing process.” The Man loves what he’s selling, and his well-earned work and life experiences have made him a salesperson of the highest integrity.

From youthful dreams of becoming an astronaut, to slinging pizzas at 16, to mentoring with a printing pro to becoming the mentor, Chris lives a work ethic that actually includes empathy, compassion and love.  His favorite quote states, “Amor Fati”—“Love of one’s fate.” Chris welcomes all experiences and sets out each day to make the most of every moment. Mr. Dahl began his Focus 33 journey in April 2023 and we look forward to his problem-solving expertise and his genuine comradery.

  • Uniquely Chris: If not working with customers for Focus 33… A llama herder in the Andes of Peru.
  • Favorite unhealthy treat: Ice cream (classic)

Renee Glad

Project Manager

Renee Glad took over receptionist/customer service rep duties in 1996, and has been answering the call ever since. Working for another version of what we now call Focus 33, Renee has witnessed, and has been a vital contributor to the continued evolution of this company. “The Boss” considers Renee his right hand and an absolutely integral part of F33’s vibe and success. Experience, DNA and motherhood serve her well as a flexible, bendable, never breakable, multi-tasking, project-managing maestro. After more than a quarter century, Ms. Glad arrives each morning anticipating something unexpected and different, and she’d have it no other way. She’s Glad, and we’re so glad she is.

  • Uniquely Renee: If not for Focus 33… a teacher.  
  • Favorite treat: Dark chocolate (for future bribe reference…)



  • Corporate Marketing

  • Health Care / Insurance

  • Financial

  • Education

  • Publishing

  • Non-Profit

  • Manufacturing

  • Advertising Agency





Focus 33 is our safety net! Despite our best efforts to provide them all the information they need to execute our project, inevitably we miss a due date or a detail. But when we do, Focus 33 stays on schedule and delivers a high quality job that meets all expectations.
When I am working on a project that requires production techniques that may be unfamiliar to me, I can always count on the knowledge and experience of the Focus 33 team. They guide me through unfamiliar territory and make sure my project is a success.

— Connie B.,
Membership Corporation of America

I have worked with Focus 33 for several years, and with Chris for years prior. Their printing is always of the highest quality and the service is always on schedule and on budget. This is important to our organization as we are a major non-profit. And even more impressive to me, as I spent a decade in the printing business, I know Focus 33 is special.

— Bob T.,
Northern Star Council

Our company can definitely be a challenge to work with, as our timelines and print details are always changing last-minute. But Focus 33 rolls with the punches and delivers what is needed, even if it means physically driving our pieces out to us!

— Jada J.,

Focus 33 continues to be our printer of choice for their high-quality pieces and timely delivery. Their customer service is top-notch and they exceed expectations every time! They’re easy to work with and the team is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend working with Focus 33 for your next print project.

— Danielle D.,
MN Adult & Teen Challenge

It starts at the top. Working with Chris Clemens, I can confidently say that my project will finish on time and I will have no worries. When he says he'll take care of it, he takes care of it. He's also an awesome expert on materials and process, and the best way to get the job produced.
Our team had a very complicated variable data component. Chris came to our internal team meeting, listened, answered questions and guided us through best practices for this project. He made everything smooth and put our team at ease. Chris a great partner, my go-to printer.

— Pamela H.,

We feel a true sense of partnership with Focus 33. They understand our needs, consistently go above and beyond, providing excellent and personable customer service. Focus 33 is Printing Made Perfect.

— Olivia S.,
Westwood Community Church

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