Your Foot In The Door

The mail goes through with Focus 33

This is not about licking stamps and running to the mailbox. Focus 33’s mailing is a sophisticated marketing service that streamlines and super-charges your ability to reach your audience. Organize, systemize and maximize your outreach with the ultimate mail carrier.


Our two blazing laser presses imprint your letters, postcards, addresses and variable content with head-spinning efficiency. We are laser-effective and laser-sharp.


The ultra-fast and uber-efficient way to address your mail. Whether it’s postcards, outers, or labels, ink-jetting gets your info exactly where it needs to be. We utilize varied colors to increase the impact of your mail, or add special messages to enhance the impact as well.


Tabs are needed to keep things closed and get them through the US mail. While functional and practical, we might as well make them as efficient, economical and exciting as possible. We inventory all sorts of tab sizes and colors, perfed and non-perfed. Tabulate the F33 difference.


We apply stamps inline to be more efficient and present a personal delivery. Select from stamps on a roll in many different designations, amounts, first class, bulk or non-profit.


Add postage to your mail inline with our metering services. If you don’t have an indicia and want to meter, we can take care of everything you need to meter fast and smart.


Labels add value, create interest and can enhance your message. We automatically apply labels from a roll directly to your mail. Easy.


Our regular inserters can handle any project up to 6 x 9.5 and our jumbo inserters take you up to 9 x 12, while providing up to 12 insertions. We specialize in getting that certain trinket into your envelope from magnets, seeds, notepads, pencils or whatever form the idea takes—insert exclamation mark here!


Some things need to be affixed and attached to keep your postage rates down. And then there are things that can be affixed for impact of presentation. Either way, we can handle affixing your product, idea or widget to another product, idea or widget.


This is where we optimize mailing services and minimize your costs. By including your pieces into other large mailings, you piggyback on the savings, efficiency, and enjoy volume discounts.

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