Digital Printing

Digitize To Maximize

Putting the digital printing digits in your favor

Focus 33 wants to digitize your marketing efforts. Our digital printing unit is the #1 cost-efficient, best call-to-action way to put your message in front of more eyes, more often. Keep yourself top-of-mind and on the tips of their tongues with frequent F33 contact. The old digital clock on the wall says it’s time to hit it harder, faster and smarter.

Digital Printing

Color and Monochrome presses for all of your digital needs.  Our colors press has an inline spectrophotometer that measures color on  every sheet and corrects color on the fly so that every sheet is identically perfect. Digitally we can print sheets up to 29 inches. And yes indeed, we proudly keep our G7 Certification in our wallets.


No more “John“ or “Jane Doe.” F33’s variable printing capacity gets personal with your customers. There’s genius in this feature. Print a different customer’s name on each piece, alter numbers, messages and even images per piece. Never look like a fill-in-the-blank afterthought again. And, personalization is proven to increase your response rate.

Collated Printing

Collate sets of items, card decks, print books in page order and every page can be different. Collate to your heart’s content at Focus 33.


A smart way to put digital’s super hero efficiency to use on otherwise cost-prohibitive small run projects.


This is customization that targets groups rather than individuals, like running various language versions of one piece. Smart, so smart.


Focus 33 utilizes W2P workflow to automate production from request (via website) through finished product. This streamlines everything, allows personalization and can be linked directly to any marketing program.

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