Think Again About Flyer Advertising

In the online era, you might think that advertising your business through flyer distribution is a thing of the past. But, with countless customer options just a click away, why would your client base notice flyers posted door-to-door or on the street? 

In reality, advertising by flyer has more impact now than ever before. To find your business online, customers must select your site from a whole range of options. Ensuring that your website is prioritized in search engines is costly – your customers are just as likely to choose a competitor with a larger advertising budget. 

How Does Flyer Advertising Benefit Your Business?

Keeping your website up-to-date requires employing IT personnel or outsourcing this task to a third party. Depending on your business size, this may not be cost-effective. With flyer advertising, you can inform the public of offers, sales and promotions without investing in an online campaign. 

Many kinds of small to medium businesses benefit from reaching their target audience directly. For example, daycares, landscapers and construction workers typically pull their main client base from the surrounding area. Flyers ensure that your neighbors know what services you provide and have instant access to your contact information. Restaurants and retail stores can quickly advise of sales and promotions ahead of holidays and events. Singers and other performers might have a social media following, but flyers allow you to attract new fans and create buzz for upcoming shows.  

How to Make the Most out of A Flyer Campaign

When a potential customer looks at a flyer promoting your business, you have a split second to grab their attention. Therefore, your design choices should reflect the ethos of your company, make the viewer aware of what services you provide and push any promotions or offers. 

A flyer that is poorly printed will reflect badly on your company. Pristinely printed and well-designed advertising will cause your customers to think you will take the same care and attention with them. Getting the word out about upcoming events or sales in a timely manner is essential. People need time to plan their attendance, so releasing your leaflets on schedule maximizes impact. 

At Focus 33, we understand that you don’t have time to micromanage every aspect of your promotional campaign. So, you can trust us to provide high-quality prints on time, every time. Contact our amazing team in Plymouth, Minnesota, today. 

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