The Proof is in the Pudding with Printed Media

Looking at a beautifully designed flier or booklet on a monitor does not always paint the true picture. Potential issues with spacing, color quality, imaging and texts are often masked by computer rendering. This can result in graphics you see on the screen not necessarily translating to the finished product. 

When you trust Focus 33 with your project, we deliver proofs that will show any problems before the final draft goes to print. There are several benefits to checking each element of your content. Layout, color, and graphic accuracy are always a concern. You may also want to see how the print looks on the final material. 

Proof Quality

Low-resolution proofs will allow you to check text alignment, graphic size and position alignment and provide a general example of how the completed project will look. These examples are typically printed on an inkjet printer. 

These proofs are not anywhere near color accurate. However, if you are concerned about the final product looking exactly as envisioned, high-resolution proofs are approximately 90% true. You can go one step further and request a sample of one or more pages representative of the finished content. 

The material you want to use will impact on final print quality. Examples include luxurious, high GSM cards or FSC-certified uncoated paper. Focus 33 can provide proofs that show how text, graphics, and any effects will look once all elements are brought together. 

Quality Proofs to your Specifications

At Focus 33, we will deliver proofs that meet the quality standards you have specified. In addition, we will respond rapidly to any changes you want to make and embrace ideas for improving print quality. 

Contact our team today with any questions or to request a quote. You can also download our free book, “7 Must-Dos Your Printer Must Do for You,” to learn more about the Focus 33 process.  

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