The Benefits of Print Marketing

Print marketing is seen as old-fashioned, but as emails and online ads have taken over, print marketing has retained its trustworthiness and effectiveness as a marketing tool. Print media is the most trusted marketing channel, and consumers are much more likely to respond to direct mail over other forms of marketing.

Consumers Prefer Print Marketing

Print marketing is the most trusted marketing channel. Online advertising and emails are not seen as trustworthy or safe because of the prevalence of viruses, spam, and scams. When you open an email or click on an online banner ad, you don’t really know what you’re getting. Not only do you not know if you can trust online ads, but there are many more of them, with several ads shown on each page. Most marketing emails get sent straight to spam, and most other emails are deleted within seconds. With so much online marketing, consumers become immune to it, learning to ignore it and delete it as fast as possible.

78% of consumers prefer reading information on paper than on a screen. 72% of consumers also believe it is easier to read printed information, and 84% believe that they remember what they read better if it’s printed. This is in part because there are fewer distractions. Consumers can also take their time to read longer content anywhere they would like to, with 48% of consumers saving direct mail for future reference. Printed marketing also relaxes consumers, with 79% feeling more relaxed over digital content. 56% of consumers think that print marketing is the most trustworthy marketing channel.

Printed Marketing is More Effective

Not only do consumers prefer printed marketing, but it results in better outcomes for businesses. Promotional material is all about getting attention, and 54% of consumers agree that they pay more attention to printed material. An impressive 79% of people take action after seeing printed ads compared to just 45% for digital ads. Consumers are over 36 times more likely to respond to print media than emails. 39% of customers have tried a business for the first time because of print marketing.

The success of your printed marketing material depends on many factors, including the people you target, the words and images you use, and the quality of the printed material. For incredible quality results and the best customer service for all your professional print marketing, contact Focus 33. Click here to email us for more information and a quick quotation.

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