How Print Media is Still Relevant in the Modern World

As new digital forms of media become more common, we must ask where print media fits into the modern world. Unlike social media and web blogs, print media remains the most trustworthy marketing tool, and it remains the most effective tool for having recipients take action in response to it.

Print Media Grabs Attention

Unlike online ads and posts that are forced to fit into a small square box or another set format, advertisers have a lot more control over print media. Even the feel of the paper, colors and characteristics of the paper and many other design elements can be customized perfectly for the target audience. Digital marketing focuses on how many people see the promotion or the web page but doesn’t focus on the customer’s experience. When people are online, their attention span is highly limited. Many things fight for our attention all the time, so it’s hard to get and keep a person’s attention to get a message across. On the other hand, print media is not surrounded by distractions, and the user is in no rush to read the content before the next distraction comes along. When someone is reading print media, they have their complete attention.

Print Media Leads to Action

When people come across online advertisements, they become numb to them, looking for the first possibility to click the close button. This isn’t the case with print media, which encourages people to take action. For example, recipients are over 36 times more likely to take action in response to print media compared to emails. This is the case for several reasons, including a high level of trust in print media compared to digital media and because people prefer to read physical print media. In addition, when a person has a physical item in their hands, there’s much more of a sense of community and personalization.

The success of print media isn’t guaranteed but depends on several factors, including design, print quality, and specific customer targeting. If you’re interested in print media for your business, contact Focus 33 today. Click here to email us, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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