Focus your Mail Marketing Campaign on the Reader

The idea that digital advertising is the only way forward has been long debunked. Reading offers or announcements on paper is a preferred medium for many potential customers. However, you need to engage your readers quickly or risk losing a return on your investment. 

Your goals and objectives should take center stage. This strategy includes ensuring that benefits to the reader are clearly outlined. Although both concepts are broad in scope, there are effective ways to deliver your message when you drill down. 


The average reader’s attention span is approximately eight seconds when reading promotional mail. Large mailers attract more attention. It is also important to use compelling graphics, powerful colors, and a headline that draws the reader in. 

Use of Graphics

Graphics are easier to process than text, allowing you to convey a message without losing the reader. Two or three graphics is the most common strategy. A crowded mailer is off-putting and confusing. Instead, you can use images to paint a picture or support your text promotions. 

Simplicity is King

Mailers that are too busy will fall flat. The message should flow and lead the reader’s eye. Clear and simple instructions leave no room for confusion. If your reader has to sift through a large amount of print information, you are increasing the risk of losing that engagement. 

Documenting Marketing Results

Establishing a system that records responses is crucial when you create a mailer. You will want to know which marketing strategies work the best for your business or organization. This is achievable by creating unique points of contact for each marketing channel. 

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