Flyer Types and Formats and Why Your Business Needs Them

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to raise your brand awareness and advertise? You can design flyers and have them professionally printed by Focus33.

Why Make Flyers?

Flyers can serve many purposes. For example, you can use them to promote an upcoming event or incentivize consumers to buy your products by offering discounts.

As a bonus, high-quality flyers increase your company’s credibility. Customers get a valuable first impression of your business and know you believe in your products or services enough to put the extra effort into promoting it.

Flyer Categories

There are three flyer categories, each serving a unique purpose. Marketers classify them as flyer ads, corporate flyers and photo-centric flyers.

  • Flyer ads inform the public about your business (services, products, location, sales, etc.). These can include discounts with messages like, “bring this flyer for a 20% discount.”
  • Corporate flyers elevate brand awareness, often with provocative messages that get peoples’ attention. They are like an informative business card, providing all the necessary contact information and brand logo.
  • Lastly, photo-centric flyers are imagery-focused and flashy, often used to promote an upcoming event.

Common Flyer Types (Formats)

Flyers come in various shapes and sizes. Which format you choose depends on your marketing goals. The most common types include:

  • Leaflets (booklets): Printed sheets of paper, usually folded into three sections.
  • Handbill: Text conveys the intended message.
  • Digital Brochure: Not printed, but digital for the online world.
  • Poster: Big to instantly engage busy individuals.
  • Door Handle Marketing Flyers: Hang from doorknobs, so people see them when they open the door.
  • Pamphlet: For when the aim is to inform, not sell.
  • Bi-Fold Brochures: Serve as thorough product or service references.
  • Tri-Fold Brochures: Presents a substantial amount of information.

As you can see, the format you choose will depend on the amount of information you need to share.

Let Your Message Fly

To get your message to fly and stick in peoples’ minds, you should make the flyer content as magnetic as possible with an attractive design, excellent paper and a quality print job. Make sure all the vital information is on there and easy to read, then Focus33 will do the rest! 

Now that you know the different categories and formats, you can structure the perfect flyer and contact us to print them for you.

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