Do you send out substantial amounts of marketing materials for your business every month? Offset printing is designed to handle large-scale volumes of printing needs for a wide variety of industries. This solution can save you money and time to make the most of your marketing investment. Here are the top three benefits of offset printing for your commercial business.

Faster Printing Process

Offset printing differs from standard printing processes by using large rolls of paper. This makes printing for your commercial business faster without the need for constant reloading. Plates can be changed in just over a minute and still achieve accurate results. In addition, Focus 33 keeps you updated throughout the entire process, so you know exactly how your printing project is going.

Lower Cost

The rolls of paper used in offset printing can cost approximately half of the precut paper used in standard printing. Standing dies can help drive costs down on everything from business cards to mailers. Fugitive gluing with offset printing is a more economical solution than tabbing. This can save you money with your marketing budget for your commercial business with large-scale publications.

Accurate Results

Advanced technology in offset printing can help deliver accurate results consistently with a quick turnaround time. For example, corporate colors used in your business can be profiled in the printing for brand consistency. Offset printing can also handle additional printing tasks like cutting or folding paper for efficient results.

Offset Printing to Set Your Commercial Business Apart

Offset printing can be an excellent cost-effective solution to help you achieve high-quality results for your commercial business. Focus 33 utilizes both UV and conventional presses to create a distinctive mark to set you apart from your competition for all your printing needs. Call today to request an estimate and see how you can elevate your message to a whole new level.


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